• 11 Most Common Air Conditioning Repair Signs
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    At some point, your air conditioning unit will encounter problems. When that happens, you should know how to spot the tell-tale signs so that you can have it repaired as quickly as possible. Below, we have listed some of the signs that you need a air conditioning repair in West Jordan, Utah, immediately.

    1. Inconsistent temperatures

    If your AC blows hot air or insufficient cool air, it’s a sign that something is off. You should call an AC repair expert to have the unit inspected.

    2. Foul smell

    A foul smell coming from your AC could be due to burned insulation or the formation of mold. Whatever the cause is, you should act right away to prevent further damage.

    3. Loud and weird noises

    It's not normal for AC units to produce loud and gurgling noises. If you notice this, it's possible that a component has been broken or a tune-up is required.

    Mar 03, 2020
  • 5 Crucial Signs it’s Time to Call for AC Repair
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    It's quite tricky to know when your AC unit might need air conditioning repair in West Jordan, Utah. So to help you identify when the time may be, we have listed some of the symptoms that suggest your AC is due for repair. Even though immediate repairs will cost a fee, they should be considered an investment that will keep your household comfortable and your AC unit running for a long time.

    So, before minor problems become expensive repairs, you should watch out for these tell-tale signs of AC damage.

    1. Unusual sounds coming from the unit

    Weird sounds coming from your AC unit are signs that you need to call a repair expert. Usually, air conditioning units will produce a low humming sound when turned on and off. However, if these sounds become too loud or gurgling, a component might have come off.

    This issue won't go away on its own. It may
    Jan 21, 2020
  • 3 Easy Tips to Prepare Your Heater for Winter
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    Winter is just around the corner, so you must prepare your home before the snow arrives. Take note that you have to prepare your furnace and heater even before the winter starts.

    All Utah plumbing heating & air company can help you prepare your heater for the cold season. From changing filters, fixing mechanical problems, and removing unhealthy gasses, a licensed technician is the one to call. Aside from professional help, you can also perform the following steps:

    Run the heat

    The best way to check if your heater is prepared for the winter is by doing a test run. From cooling, set your air system to heating in small increments. This way, your heating system can easily adjust. The heat should kick in within a minute. If it didn’t, perform basic troubleshooting by removing the cover and seeing if the wires are intact.

    Aside from that, you
    Dec 12, 2019
  • Questions You Should Ask the Technician During Your HVAC Inspection
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    Many homeowners call air conditioning repair in West Jordan, Utah, without even asking questions. As much as you can find trustworthy contractors, you should still practice caution by asking a few questions during the inspection. Aside from checking the technician's abilities, it will also help you become informed about your unit. So next time that you call for air conditioner services, make sure that you ask the following points:

    How can I prevent future repairs?

    It may seem like a weird question for someone who earns a living fixing AC units. Nevertheless, professional technicians are more than willing to help you improve your HVAC’s efficiency. They will tell you some do’s and don’ts to prevent some common problems. A technician who cares for your home will not deprive you of answers about this question.

    Do I need to upgrade my unit?

    Dec 06, 2019
  • Why Every Home Should Consider Air Conditioner Service
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    Many homeowners tend to be wary of hiring air conditioner services in West Jordan. They cite potential costs as the reason, often dismissing professional services as expensive, exclusive only to those who can splurge. However, the truth is that AC repair services in Utah can be affordable if you choose the right contractor.

    Whether it's air conditioning repair or installation in Provo, UT, you can always rely on the help of All Utah Plumbing, Heating, & Air. As a locally operated contractor, we keep our rates low, so you can use our services whenever you need them. Here's why you should consider our professional AC services:

    It saves you more money in the long run

    Professional AC repair services in Utah will help you save more money in the long run. Regular maintenance will help identify minor issues even before they become a big problem.
    Nov 08, 2019