• What to Consider Before Your Bathroom Remodel
    bathroom remodeling West Jordan, Utah
    Remodeling your bathroom is a big step. It involves major changes to your home and requires a small investment. Before you call any bathroom remodeling service, you have to consider a few things. Regardless if you're remodeling a small powder room or a large bathroom, it's important to consider the following points:

    Set your budget

    When it comes to bathroom remodeling in West Jordan, it's easy to go over budget. It's incredibly easy to lose track of how much supplies and labor costs. Before the remodeling starts, ask the contractor for an estimate with specific cost break downs. Although this will not be exactly on point, you will have an idea about the cost of the design you have in mind. Make sure that you allot a buffer so your plans can stay fluid during the remodeling.

    Use a reputable contractor

    Did you know that All Utah Plumbing,
    May 14, 2020
  • How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Furnace and Air Conditioner?
    Furnace services in Utah
    Replacing a furnace and air conditioner unit isn’t cheap that is why we recommend regular inspections to keep you from having to replace your unit. However, when your unit reached its end life, it’s best to invest in a replacement than to pay for repetitive repairs.

    An air conditioner unit usually lasts for 15 to 20 years. Meanwhile, a furnace system can last for up to 30 years. Still, this lifespan is affected by several factors, including frequency of use, maintenance level, and more.

    The cost of replacement for heating and air conditioning in West Jordan, Utah, varies widely. The size of the unit is a common determinant. An HVAC system usually costs $7,000 to $12,000. The more complicated the ductwork is, the more expensive it is.

    On the other hand, replacements will cost around $4,000 to $10,000. However, if the ductwork has to be
    May 05, 2020
  • Top (10 Signs) That Your Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned
    Air Duct Cleaning in Provo, UT
    Many homeowners often forget to clean their air ducts. This can lead to a slew of problems, which can impact your family's health. Instead of suffering from the consequences of dirty air ducts, you must know when to give them a good clean. The following are some of the signs that your air ducts are due for periodic cleaning and maintenance.

    1. A musky odor

    One of the guaranteed signs that your air duct is due for cleaning is a musky odor. If you notice that something smells off inside your home, it’s worth checking your air ducts. The accumulated dirt could be recirculating, which results in the bad odor.

    2. Recurrent cases of cough and colds

    Are you experiencing recurrent coughs and colds? Your air ducts may be blowing out allergens. Failure to clean your ducts will compromise your respiratory system. If you put off AC repair services in
    Apr 16, 2020
  • Why Hire a Professional For Air Conditioning Maintenance
    air conditioning repair and installation

    Unlike amateurs, professional air conditioning repair in West Jordan, Utah, will diagnose and fix the problem right away. They have the right tools and skills to deal with any AC problem. Although their service may cost more than an amateur repair man, they provide a long-term guarantee that your unit will continue to function.

    Here are some of the reasons why you should only deal with professional air conditioner services:

    Keep the warranty intact

    Professional AC repair services will avoid warranty damage to your unit. Remember that when your unit's warranty gets voided, you're no longer eligible for a air conditioning repair or replacement by the brand.

    Professional AC technicians supply and use OEM parts to abide by the standards of your unit's brand. They make sure that each component of your AC is installed and repaired properly. In the
    Apr 14, 2020
  • 11 Most Common Air Conditioning Repair Signs
    ac installation in Utah
    At some point, your air conditioning unit will encounter problems. When that happens, you should know how to spot the tell-tale signs so that you can have it repaired as quickly as possible. Below, we have listed some of the signs that you need a air conditioning repair in West Jordan, Utah, immediately.

    1. Inconsistent temperatures

    If your AC blows hot air or insufficient cool air, it’s a sign that something is off. You should call an AC repair expert to have the unit inspected.

    2. Foul smell

    A foul smell coming from your AC could be due to burned insulation or the formation of mold. Whatever the cause is, you should act right away to prevent further damage.

    3. Loud and weird noises

    It's not normal for AC units to produce loud and gurgling noises. If you notice this, it's possible that a component has been broken or a tune-up is required.

    Mar 03, 2020