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When to replace your Home Air Conditioner

On average, air conditioning units last 10-15 years while HVAC systems last 15-20 years. Your heating and cooling systems last longer when they are properly maintained, such as by cleaning the system’s filters and air ducts frequently.

Watch our easy to follow videos showing you exactly how to clean your air conditioner and perform simple maintenance.

5 Air Conditioning System Tips (Easy)

If not maintained well, your AC unit can cause your energy bills to skyrocket. You'll lose more money for the same amount – or sometimes less – of cooling. To reduce the cost of AC repair services in Utah, you can use the following tips to save more dollars from your cooling expenses:

1. Use fans
Running an electric fan at a low thermostat level can actually make you feel cooler. Make sure that the fan moves the air down so you can feel the chilly wind effect. Also, you can shut off your AC and use fans to circulate the cold air. This will let your unit rest while maximizing its cooling effect.

2. Re-calibrate your thermostat
Re-calibrating your AC's thermostat will ensure that you're having proper readings and operating cycles. An air conditioner services company in West Jordan Utah can re-calibrate the thermostat for you. Also, they can conduct a maintenance check on your AC to ensure that nothing else is malfunctioning. If possible, use a programmable thermostat so you can set on and off periods ahead of time.

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3. Get your AC unit cleaned
Many homeowners suffer from costly air conditioning repair and installations in Provo UT just because they fail to clean their AC units regularly. It's imperative to clean or replace air filters every 60 to 90 days.

If not, the dust and dirt will start to block the airflow, causing the AC unit to overcompensate. This leads to higher energy bills even if your AC isn’t producing enough cold air.

4. Avoid improper refrigerant charge
An improper refrigerant charge will directly damage your AC’s compressor – the very heart of the appliance. This improper charge will increase your energy bill and in the long run, ruin your unit. Take note that this repair is expensive. It’s best to have it diagnosed before it damages your AC.

Hiring an AC repair service in Utah will save you more money than having to deal with a broken unit.

5. Seal ducts and inlets
When cool air escapes your home, your air conditioning unit compensates for the loss. This means that the appliance will use more electricity. So to save money and to reduce the load of your unit, it’s best to seal any possible leaks. Caulk any gaps on your windows, ducts, and inlet holes.

You can do this by yourself or you can hire a contractor to seal your home correctly.

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7 Signs You Need To May Need A Air Conditioner Repair or New AC Unit

1. You’re not getting cold air.

2. Weak airflow.
Weak airflow can be due to a minor issue. However, if it keeps recurring after repetitive repairs, you should consider a replacement. Paying for another repair is counterproductive and a waste, not to mention that your comfort is compromised. Call us to schedule an inspection of your unit today.

3. You’ve discovered moisture and leakage around the AC unit.

4. You’re hearing unusual sounds you haven’t heard before.

5. Some zones aren’t cooled (aka the thermostat isn’t working).

6. You’ve had it for more than 10-15 years.
If your AC is older than 10 years old, it might be better to replace it than to pay for repairs. For furnaces, 15 years is the rule of thumb, but some may take longer. The HVAC contractor will inspect your unit to assess if your unit is due for a replacement.

7. Your energy bills are incredibly high.
A skyrocketing energy bill is a sign that your furnace and AC are no longer efficient. Repairs can fix minor issues, but if your monthly bill is increasing continuously, you’ll save more if you pay for a replacement.

A damaged, worn out, or poorly designed cooling system can be very inefficient and costly. A simple maintenance and inspection can uncover hidden problems and save you hundreds on your cooling bill over the summer.

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Air conditioner out in the hot weather? We can help! Call us anytime day or night and we will be happy to help. We offer an up-front price on any repairs so you will never have a nasty surprise when you get the bill. If, while servicing your cooling system, we find additional issues – we’ll let you know before performing additional work. You deserve a complete, honest estimate on your furnace repair. Call us today and we will help keep your family cool, and comfortable, all summer!

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Air Conditioning Repair in West Jordan, Utah

Your summer doesn’t have to be spent in discomfort. When your air conditioning unit bogs down, All Utah’s Plumbing, Heating & AC repair services located in Provo, UT will be there to help. We know very well that frustrations over a malfunctioning AC can lead to a poor temper and distress. 

All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air has the technicians that are certified to keep you cooled and comfortable. Our air conditioning repair and installation services in Provo, UT will keep your AC blowing cold air so you can enjoy relaxing inside your chilled home. 

Say goodbye to sweaty afternoons and unplanned trips to the pool just to cool down. We have your back when it comes to repairing your AC and making it last. Just call us and our specialized “chill” experts will be there to help you. 

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Air Conditioning Installation in West Jordan, Utah

From choosing an Energy Star-certified AC unit to installing it in your home, All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air is with you all the way. Our air conditioning repair and installation services in Provo, UT is guaranteed to provide a comfortable and safe living environment. All our technicians are trained to the industry’s best standards and operate in compliance with all local codes. 

If you’re tired of bad service, call All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air! We guarantee 100% satisfaction on our air conditioner services throughout West Jordan and all surrounding areas. Regardless if you are in Farmington, Alpine, Lindon, Centerville, Kamas, or anywhere in the state, we are within reach. 

We also service areas like Summit County, West Valley City, Draper, North Salt Lake, Lehi, South Snyderville Basin, Midvale, Riverton, South Jordan, Woods Cross, Cottonwood Heights, Eagle Mountain, and more.

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Benefits of Air Conditioner Maintenance in West Jordan, Utah

Having fully functional AC unit during the scorching summer is a necessity. Keeping your cooling system maintained and well-cleaned is necessary to avoid problems. 

Aside from that, regular maintenance will save you from exorbitant repair fees. As you know, excessive wear and tear, dirt accumulation, and prolonged use can take its toll on your AC unit. Not just that, it can also jeopardize the air quality inside your home. 

Do you want to save cooling costs on your Murray, Salt Lake City, Herriman, Orem or Highland homes? All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air will provide necessary maintenance to prevent AC problems. Your comfort is our passion so rest assured that you’ll get the best service the industry can offer. Call us and our technicians will be on their way!

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Why Choose All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air?

Whether you are located in Park City, Sandy, East Millcreek, Holladay, Millcreek, Saratoga Springs, South Salt Lake, or Taylorsville, all Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air is accessible 24/7. We respond to emergency repairs wherever you are in UT. Our air conditioning repair services in West Jordan, Utah delivers the same quality as we do it in other areas. 

As the leading AC repair & installation service, we earned our reputation from delivering unwavering service to the UT community. We know how difficult it is to have a dysfunctional AC unit. We provide you with the same quality of service that we do in our own homes. 

We offer competitive pricing without the expense of safety and client satisfaction. From simple maintenance to major repairs and replacements, All Utah Plumbing, Heating & Air is your cooling expert.

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